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Blog Re-launch/ Peachopotamus

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I would like to first apologize for neglecting this blog.  To make up for it I have below a 5 gallon home brew recipe for our Peachopotamus.  That being said, I will focus this blog on new releases, fun stuff we are learning about the industry, events, cool ingredients we are working with and so on.

But today lets talk Peachopotamus.  People start asking about this beer and when we plan on releasing it usually around February or March.  The release date is 100% dependent on the harvest of Palisade Peaches from Peachfork Orchards and Vineyards which usually occurs in late July and early August.  Peachopotamus ferments as a simple and clean wheat ale without the fruit until the very end of conditioning.  It is not until the finished beer is moved into the brite beer tank that is rests atop more than 1,000 lbs of palisade peaches for the first time.  Once the beer and peaches have merged they will remain in a cold slumber for several days until the peach:beer balance tastes just right.

Our target launch date for Peachopotamus this year is Friday, August 12th at the 4 Noses Brewing Co Taproom.  This once a year batch will only be available on draft so get some while you can!


Here is a 5 gallon home brew recipe

*assuming approx 85% efficiency

Grain Bill:

2-Row 4.5 lbs

Malted White Wheat 3.5 lbs

Unmalted wheat .8 lbs

Crystal 65 .4 lbs


Boil: 75 minutes

Pre Boil Gravity 10.7 Plato

S.G 11.5

Kettle Additions:

CZ SAAZ .25 ounces @ 60 minutes

Crushed Coriander seed .25 ounces @ -5 min

Ferment with a clean ale strain (i.e. WLP 001 or 007)

Crash to 35 after secondary for 2 days and add 7-9lbs of pitted peaches to secondary for 4+ days to taste


Happy brewing!

Tommy Bibliowicz