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Our mission is to be a socially responsible brewery of extraordinary passion and creativity, constantly crafting unique and classic styles. Hosted in our comfortable yet elegant tap room, we strive to serve only the freshest ales and lagers, in addition to our constantly changing barrel-aged beers.


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Party Bus • A Blending Collaboration Between 4 Noses & New Image

An idea was sparked in August of 2016, we all thought “how rad would it be to have a collaboration beer between 4 Noses and New Image”? As our two breweries began the conversation to see this idea become a reality, we thought “how even more rad, would it be to have a party bus pick our fans up at each brewery and drop you off from location to location?” 

With that being said, 4 Noses & New Image Brewing are proud to present the first annual Party Bus! For the first time in craft beer history, a blending collaboration between 2 breweries, 4 Noses Brewing Company and New Image Brewing. This is not your typical two breweries making one beer, no. We decided to up the ante, each brewery has brewed their own beer! 4Noses has brewed a Pale Ale with Motueka and Galaxy hops and New Image brewed a Sour Ale with orange juice and orange zest. Here’s the kicker, you (our fans) get to create the perfect collaboration between the two breweries. Do you like your beer more hoppy, or maybe you like your beers more sour? Well now you have the opportunity to make your hoppy beer, zesty and sour by adding New Image to your glass; or make your sour beer more hoppy by adding a pale ale with a ton of hops from 4 Noses.

So now that you’re excited, you’re probably asking yourself.. “How do I get on this bus”? We’ve made it really easy! Mark the date Sunday, October 1st, go to this link: https://nightout.com/events/party-bus/tickets and reserve your seat on the bus! Tickets include your seat, choice of two Road Beer for the bus, NIB: Olde Town Regular Session Ale, or 4N Perfect Drift Pilsner and commemorative Party Bus Hat.

Seats are super limited and are purchased by time of day you want to play!

Welcome to Party Bus!!

Visiting Food Trucks


Seasoned Swine


September 18th

With What?

BBQ Chicken, Brisket & Pork




September 19th CLOSE AT 6:00

With What?

Gourmet Sandwiches


Talarico's Italian Taste


September 20th

With What?

Italian Cruisine


Basic Kneads Pizza


Every Thursday

With What?

Wood-fired pizza made to order




September 22nd

With What?

Brazilian Cruisine


King of Wings


September 23rd

With What?

Wings, Tenders, and Fries




Every Sunday

With What?

Burgers & Fries

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4 Noses Brewing Company 8855 W. 116th Circle Suite 4 Broomfield, CO 80021
Monday to Thursday – 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm Friday - 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm Saturday – 11:00 am to 11:00 pm Sunday – 11:00 am to 10:00 pm T: (720) 460-2797   beer@4nosesbrewing.com Brewery tours: Just come in and ask. If not crazy busy, we would be happy to show you around. Find today’s tap list HERE

The 4 Noses Story

4 Noses Story Photo

Five passionate people compose our immediate family: my wife and rose, Megan, whom I met at DU; mom and dad; and my brother, David. Four furry additions—Dakota, Porter, Mash, and Cascade “Cassie” Hops—complete our brewing-centric family.

It was a cool autumn night in 2008 when dad’s 50th birthday brought us all together in Ireland. We were a group of four then, as I hadn’t yet married Megan. There we were, gathered around the dark pub table, inhaling the rich smell of our dry Guinness beers, all four of our large noses in action. It wasn’t until our close friend observed the sight of our busy schnozzes that we were struck with an idea: to bring our love of and passion for beer to the beautiful town of Broomfield, CO under the brand of our signature feature. Thus, “The Four Noses Brewing Company” was conceived.

And Ireland was just the start. As we traveled around the world meeting other brewers and enjoying a variety of delicious beers, we discovered a passion for crafting our own unique flavors ultimately derived from our common desire to brew the beers we want to drink. These beers will evolve through constant experimentation to create increasingly higher levels of quality blond ales, spicy stouts, dark porters, and hoppy concoctions—most notably our ‘rose’ batches, the Seasonable IPA’s. Borrowing wine barrels from the Four Nose’s involvement in the Napa, California wine industry, our craft also encompasses approachable sours and complex barrel-aged brews.

It has always been our dream to share our creativity and passion for brewing with family and friends.

Come and share our passion for the taste—and smell—of quality beer!


Tommy – Brew master