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Ratebeer.com Debacle

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We at 4 Noses are and have always been in favor of a free market and competition.  Competition is the foundation of economics, and giving the customer knowledge and choice is what allows a free market to operate effectively.  We also love our fellow independent craft brewers, they push us to innovate and create to the highest standard just to keep up.  The biggest benefactor to this system is always the end consumer.  They get access to higher quality and more diverse products to enjoy.

It is no secret that independently owned craft breweries do not necessarily see eye to eye with international mega breweries.  The big difference we have with these businesses is not with their product, but with their attempts to devalue and degrade our product.  Whether through accusation, predatory market practices, or ad campaigns designed to smear creative and independent thinking, companies like AB- InBev are not productive members of a system that gives consumers the freedom to choose.

When we found out that AB has stake in a website designed to rate and compare the different members of beer industry, you could say that was a red flag. 

Not a big deal, there are other sites out there that do roughly the same thing.  Thank you everyone who has supported our product and given us valuable feedback over the last three years through Ratebeer.com.  However, we have requested that they remove any references to our brand from the site. 



Tommy Bibliowicz


4 Noses Brewing Company